AION 2D Controller

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2-axis Controller (PAN, TILT) for cranes/jibs remote heads f.g. X-HEAD, BULL HEAD

Basic features of the AION 2D Controller:

  • intuitive control of the two axes X and Y with joystick,
  • speed of rotation proportional to joystick swing,
  • two methods of joystick work - LENEAR and LOGARITHMIC,
  • INVERT - change the direction of rotation for each axis separately,
  • knobs SPEED and DAMPING,
  • calibration of each axis,
  • 3 memory banks to store and playback motion trajectory,
  • playback the saved trajectory in LOOP,
  • playback the recorded motion from the saved starting point.


The connection of the AION 2D Controller with a steering and powered cable: 5 meters. Electric connectors sockets and the power switch are located on the top wall of the controller housing. The 1/4” socket in the base of the controller enables it to be mounted to the cart with a 8” or 11” VARIO ARM Classic.


Weight: 400g
Dimensions: Width: 110mm
Length: 185mm
Height (with a joystick): 80mm
Compatible devices: X-HEAD, BULL HEAD,
Three memory banks: M1: 200sec, M2: 100sec, M3: 100sec,
Supply voltage: 10..17V DC min 12W
Operating temperature range: 0o..40oC
Recommended relative humidity: <90%


english AION 2D Controller
Polish language AION 2D Sterownik
russian AION 2D Панель управления