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2-Axis Remote Head for cameras up to 10kg.

This reinforced version of reliable BULLHEAD is designed to work in a professional studio environment. The heavyweight gearbox, previously used only in panorama axis has been applied as well in the tilt axis. The new BULLHEAD STUDIO has increased payload capacity and higher stability for precise motion.

360° PHOTO

Example of 360° photo captured using SLIDEKAMERA's TURNTABLE


Strengthened housing and redesigned mechanics, apart from increasing payload capacity, makes this head more stable and less prone for vibrations.
The new mounting bracket is suitable for large, broadcast and cine cameras.


Its reinforced construction and perfectly crafted machinery make BULLHEAD STUIO extremely precise. It's ideal for creating special effects where repetitive and accurate movement is essential.

The head can be used as a standalone device, mounted on a tripod or any other support. But in motion it shows its best.

BULLHEAD STUIO works perfectly as a remote head for cranes and sliders. Together with the ATLAS MODULAR slider, it creates an unified 3D motion control system.

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Our new lineup of devices uses heavy-duty LEMO connectors. The new design includes power and data connections in one cable, which allows you to work faster and safer - without tangling the unnecessary wires.
The connectors are compatible with a wide range of AC adaptors, from small chargers for one device to large power bricks with communication modules designed for big setups.


The BULLHEAD STUDIO is equipped with our unified head mount, compatible with SLIDEKAMERA's heavy sliders (the TITAN slider and ATLAS MODULAR), as well as our jibs and tripods. This ensures that the head is mounted firmly and allows to attach the unit safely in an upside-down configuration.


The BULLHEAD remote head is equipped in the Lens Control System port, which allows you to work with PDMOVIE lens motors. You can daisy-chain up to three drives and connect them directly to the head. You will have access to the lenses with the KAIROS controller. You can also use Dragonframe software or Slideye 2.0 on your Mac/PC (requires a Slidelink v3.0 adapter).

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  • simple and lightweight
  • up to two axes (head only)
  • intuitive control with a joystick
  • adjustable speed and acceleration
  • 3 memory banks to store and playback motion path


  • up to 6 axes
  • support for lens drives
  • dedicated inputs (knobs, joysticks) for all axes
  • adjustable speed and acceleration
  • 8 memory banks to store and playback positions and motion paths
  • ethernet and Wi-Fi connection (requires devices with Slidelink v3.0)
  • frequent firmware upgrades - futureproof

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SLIDELINK v3.0 - communication module

With an optional network module (SLIDELINK 3.0), you can use Ethernet or Wi-Fi to connect a group of motion control devices with the controller (that may be the KAIROS controller, a PC with a DRAGONFRAME software or the SLIDEKAMERA's SLIDEYE 2.0 app).

You need only one Slidelink v3.0 for your set. Therefore we recommend using the one integrated into the PSU320E Power Adapter, as it gives you the cleanest and neatest wire connection. But for specific use cases, such as remote setups on large distances or using the head with a separate controller for the second operator, you may consider an additional network adapter for your head.


  • BULLHEAD STUDIO 2-axis remote head
  • transport case
  • LEMO cable (selected length)


depth:147 mm
height:346 mm
Weight:8.6 kg
Maximum payload capacity:10 kg
Maximum rotation speed:72°/s (360°/5s)
Maximum acceleration:360°/s2
HET-BUS & DC 36V:LEMO 6-pin
controller:mini-Lemo 4-pin (includes 12V power out for the controller)
service port:2x USB-C
LCSmini-LEMO 6-pin
triggermini-jack 2.5 mm
Optional Slidelink I/O: USB-C
RJ-45 (Ethernet)