• Code: HSM-2

This extremely fast slider on a curved track consists of modular segments that can be freely arranged. Straight tracks or curved - according to your needs. Proffesional solution for cameras up to 20kg.

Only for custom orders.

SLIDEKAMERA - CURVED Motion Control MODULAR TRACK with High Speed SERVO DOLLY is our self-developed Completely Wireless High Speed Motion Control Curved Modular Track. 

The tracks can be custom made or bent in the right curve to precisely fit around your set. The speed, acceleration, deceleration, sensitivity and smoothness can be adjusted to suit.

Possible custom solutions for a curved track:
- minimum radius: 1 m
- maximum length of one curved module: 3.5 m

Connections of a curved module with a straight module:
- maximum length of the straight module: 4 m



The presented custom version was created for the needs of broadcast cameras and installed on the stage.

- track width: 440 mm
- number of modules: 10
- length of one module 1.6 m
- total length: 16 m
- radius: 6,2 m



For individual custom orders, please contact: