Dragonframe license code for a Slidelink adapter

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Dragonframe license for Slidelink PRO and Slidelink 3.0 adapter


Dragonframe software

To use DRAGONFRAME software with the SLIDEKAMERA gear, you need two licenses: a DRAGONFRAME software purchased at https://www.dragonframe.com/ and a license for your Slidelink adapter (you can use an external unit or an adapter that's built-in in one of your devices).
After activating this feature, the Slidelink becomes a Dragonframe bridge, and you'll be able to use your SLIDEKAMERA motion control set with the DRAGONFRAME.

When you purchase the license, you will be asked for the MAC address of your Slidelink. You will find that on the config page. To enter the config page, connect to Slidelink's Wi-Fi and type the default IP in your web browser (you can do it with your computer or a smartphone). You will find the default SSID, password and IP address on the housing of your Slidelink adapter.

After logging in, scroll down to the Dragonframe section.

Slidelink Wi=Fi

Slidelink config page

You can use the "Click here to Send license code request" link to make things easier and faster. It will generate an e-mail with the required information. Note that using this link will not activate the Dragonframe feature automatically without purchasing the license.

You will receive an e-mail with the activation code. Enter the code in the "License key" window and press Activate. The license is permanent and shouldn't be disabled after a factory reset or a firmware upgrade. Nevertheless, keep the code safe, just in case.

The license is linked to one particular Slidelink unit. Therefore, you cannot transfer it between your devices. If you'd like to use the Dragonframe feature on multiple Slidelinks, you need to purchase multiple licenses.

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