EURO MOUNT SET (male & female)

  • Code: AF-35-C8, AF-40
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EURO MOUNT SET (male & female) - for professional gear and DIY projects.

The industry-standard grip system is finally here. By using this universal EURO mount adapter you can quickly and firmly attach your SLIDEKAMERA gear to the supporting tripods, dollies, rigs, etc. It's compatible with products from the leading grip manufacturers, such as PANTHER or GFM, so you don't have to worry about additional adapters and converters. It just fits.

This adapter is designed for professional products, but it's also suitable for DIY projects. If you plan to build your own equipment and you're looking for EURO MOUNT compatibility - this adapter is a perfect solution for you. Use our schemes to be sure, that your project will work with the adapter.


  • EURO MOUNT Adapter (male)
  • M8x50 screw (3 pcs)
  • EURO MOUNT Adapter (female)
  • M6x20 screw (3 pcs)


Mounting: M6 and M8 screws
Material: hardened aluminium
Weight: 1,5 kg