Bowl Riser - Euro Mount (75/100/150mm)

  • Code: AF-15-Z0v2/HCZ-100
  • pc
  • Gross price: €492.00 €335.00 €400.00
Universal Bowl Riser for support systems compatible with the EURO Mount.

With the universal Bowl Riser, you can attach your favourite fluid head to the industry standard EURO mount.

There are many different sizes of the bowl you can choose from, from 75mm to 150mm. The bowls are compatible with all brands available in the market, such as Manfrotto, Sachtler, Miller.

Compatible with


  • EURO MOUNT base (female)
  • removable HCZ Bowl (75/100/150mm)
  • half ball knobs - 3/8" and M10
  • M4x12 screws - 4 pcs
  • M4x20 screws - 4 pcs
  • 3mm Allen key