FOOT Controllers

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FOOT CONTROLLERS - expansion for the KAIROS controller, for using multiple axes simultaneously.

Sometimes two hands are not enough. How to work with the slider, remote head and lens motors at the same time?

For broadcast studio technicians or cine camera operators, it's the best solution you can get: control one axis of your setup with your feet and have a free hand for a focus knob. Or a cup of coffee. Whatever you like.


Slidekamera Foot Controllers are extenders to the KAIROS controller. You plug them into the expansion port on the main unit and enable them in the controller's menu. And that's all!

You will use the Foot Controllers like any other axis on your setup - they will work through the Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or whatever connection you choose for the KAIROS.


You can choose the drive that is assigned to the foot controllers. It doesn't have to be the slider - you can use them to control your head's panorama axis, lens drives, etc.


You can adjust the tension of the spring of the foot controller using the hex key. Tighten it for better feedback, or loosen completely for no spring-back at all, so you can leave the controller pressed.


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