HDN-ZN-5 power unit for camera crane

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HDN-ZN-5 power unit for camera crane

HDN-ZN-5 power unit for Slide Kamera HKR-2 and ROAD JIB camera cranes is designed for those who already have AIONTM α or AIONTM α PRO* controller.*


  • quiet and smooth operation.
  • power unit is designed in a way to allow simple connection / disconnection of the drive at any time, ie, the user can perform alternately hand held camera crane movement and use electric drive

Slidekamera offers two types of HDN controllers: AIONTM α and AIONTM α PRO with photocamera synchronization. Depending on the product they are available with different types of engine mounts.


  • DC motor with a gear
  • clamping knob for mounting the power unit on the tripod
  • toothed belt
  • toothed belt limit switch


Polish language Napęd DC HDN do Slidekamera (rev. 3.1)