High Hat Bowl Platform (150/100/75mm Bowl)

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AF-35 Slidekamera High Hat Bowl Platform for 150/100/75mm Bowl

Low shot platform.

Slidekamera AF-35 150/100/75mm High Hat Bowl Platform allows you to mount your 150mm/100mm/75mm (one to choose from) ball base tripod head in locations, a conventional tripod can't manage and when the lowest possible point of view is desired.

The mounting holes 3/8" and 1/4" make it easy to mount various kinds of photo/video accessories (lightning, on-camera field monitor, sound recorder, etc.) High Hat is mounted to an aluminium platform.

Design: Sk8plate Camera Dolly (Elastic Eye Media Ltd UK)

Compatible with 

Set includes:

  • aluminum plate with ¼” and 3/8" hardened insert
  • aluminum extension rods 3 pcs
  • socket 150/ 100/ 75 mm (one to choose from)
  • half ball knobs 3/8" and M10
  • three M6x16 screws
  • 5mm Allen key Z type


  • AF-35 with HCZ-75: 2,7kg
  • AF-35 with HCZ-100: 2,7kg
  • AF-35 with HCZ-75/100: 2,7kg
  • AF-35 with HCZ-150: 2,8kg
Colour: black
Material: black hard anodized aluminum