HZ-108 Multi-purpose slider

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Universal rail for moving and rotating objects up to 8 kg.

HZ-108 multi-purpose slider

Whenever you need to move your light, scenography, or secondary camera, the HZ-108 custom slider comes in handy. It's designed to be light, versatile and simple to use. The slider is equipped with two motors, one for moving the cart along the rail and the second to rotate your equipment horizontally.


The HZ-108 slider is equipped with 3/8" threads on mounting ports. You can use it to mount the rail on a standard tripod or use the included 5/8" (16mm) spigot and rig the slider using standard light grip equipment.
Please note that Manfrotto Superclamps work perfectly with this setup but are not included in the set.

hz-108 - superclamp grip mount

hz-108 on a C-stand


Battle-tested design of the X-motor with the stepper drive and a strong worm gearbox provides strength and flexibility.
The self-locking mechanism allows you to use your slider vertically with a payload of up to 8kg.

hz-108 - x-motor closeup


Two X-motors utilise the Het-Bus protocol. For your convenience, the protocol is transmitted over a twisted-pair cable (RJ-45). Therefore you can easily replace or extend the communication cable when you're building your studio or preparing the set.
Although not that robust, the RJ-45 connectors are much more affordable than the LEMO plugs used in other SLIDEKAMERA solutions.
With the X-motors you can use any compatible SLIDEKAMERA controller, like the entry-level Aion IQ for simple and quick movement or the KAIROS controller for sophisticated keyframing and motion playback.

hz-108 with Aion IQ

HAD-9 - Slidelink 3.0 adapter


With the optional Slidelink 3.0 communication module (sold separately), you can control your slider over Ethernet. That opens a lot of new possibilities for managing your devices.
Using Ethernet connection, you can use one Kairos panel to quickly switch between multiple devices, controlled by separate Slidelinks. That enables you to build large studio setups with no compromise.
With the Slidelink 3.0 module, you can use SLIDEKAMERA's software, the Slideye 2.0, or third-party solutions like Dragonframe.


Industry-standard software for stop-motion animation is compatible with Slidekamera devices, which can work in both stop-motion and real-time playback modes.
The Dragonframe allows you to build multi-axis configurations, create sophisticated motion on all axes and play them in full sync.

More information

hz-108 - Dragonframe setup

HAD-9 - Slidelink 3.0 adapter


Standard HZ-108 rail is 200cm long. If you need a non-standard slider length, contact us directly. We can prepare the slider any size, up to 400cm.


  • HZ-108 rail 200cm
  • X-motor - 2 pcs
  • 5/8" (16mm) spigot - 3 pcs
  • RJ45 cable - 2 pcs
  • mini-XLR power cable
  • 15V power supply