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3-axis Motion Controller

Slidekamera® presents KAIROS™ - 3-axis Controller. It's the long-awaited device, that integrates all possible features foir controlling remote heads and motorized sliders. KAIROS™ enables full control and precision of movement of the camera.

KAIROS 3-Axis Controller



KAIROS™ enables you to control every device equipped with HET-BUS™ socket. Investing in one controller gives you a universal solution that can be connected to every single Slidekamera® device that you already have, as well as those that you're planning to purchase.

KAIROS™ will work with all future devices equipped with the HET-BUS socket.

KAIROS enables to control up to four independent axes in real time. Potentiometers placed on the control panel allows the adjustment of current motion parameters. You can directly modify settings without searching through complicated menus and working with imprecise touch interfaces. KAIROS guarantees you can work quickly and precisely.


Large joystick perfectly transfers your hand movement to the camera position. Now you can make fluid, well composed and perfectly synchronised shots.

You can use 3-axis joystick or large knob. By default knob controls motion of the slider and joystick controls movement of the head. All axes are configurable and it's up to you witch elements will you use co control your devices.


KAIROS™ Controller is equipped with 8 memory banks that are used to store a single camera position or a trajectory - sequence of a camera movement, that can last up to 12 minutes.


KAIROS™ is equipped with a USB port, that you can use to update the firmware of the controler. That enables Slidekamera® to constantly upgrade the device, expanding its capabilities for new features, or enabling the controler to work with new devices that are not yet on the market. 

KAIROS™ has an aluminium housing that keeps the internal components safe and ensures long and trouble-free operation of the device.

When you hold the KAIROS™ in your hands, you know that you have a professional and reliable equipment. And when you're busy on set and you can't hold the controller, you can use integrated 3/8” threads to mount the device to a tripod or to any other equipment.


Despite it's size, KAIROS™ is functional and flexible device. Thanks to built-in battery and integratad wireless modules, KAIROS™ can work without any wires and will connect by Radio Frequency to compatible devices (such as Slidekamera heads and sliders equipped with SLIDELINK™ RF Adapter). All you need is a plan for the perfect shot.


  • KAIROS™ controller
  • wall adapter power supply 12V DC 1,2A
  • Wi-Fi antenna
  • RF antenna
  • HET-BUS steering cable (RJ45)
  • transport case


Weight: 1,4kg
Dimensions: Width: 330mm
Length: 170mm
Height (with a joystick): 114mm
Compatible devices: motion control devices equipped with the HET BUS™ socket
Max recording time: 11min 56sec (up to 8 independent axes)
Supply voltage: 10..17V DC min 12W
Operating temperature range: 0o..40oC
Recommended relative humidity: <90%





Now Available Firmware Update ver. 1.6.1 (28.09.2018) [Current Release]

  • Added support for PDMOVIE Lens Control System devices
  • Improved compatibility with Slidelink PRO
  • Minor bug fixes



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