PRO side feet set for X SLIDER

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  • €203.00

PRO side feet for XTM SLIDER

  • Quick Folding System allows to quickly and comfortably unfold and prepare the side feet to work, as well as fold them and prepare for transport.
  • Feet are equipped with four steel joints of high durability and resistance to damage.
  • Springs inside the joints allow to set the arms of the feet in a proper position and protect the steel joints from excessive wear and tear. Adjustable rubber ball-shaped ends assure precise positioning of the slider on the ground and protect against slipping.
  • Set of adjustable - clamping knobs allows to adjust the position of side feet in a fast and easy way.
  • Strong construction allows to achieve high rigidity even with payloads up to 30kg.
  • Side feet adjustment range height adjustment range up to 180cm, width adjustment range up to 500mm.
PRO side feet for X SLIDER