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Communication module for Ethernet connection. Enables the drive to work using the network on large distances. Creates bridge for software, like Dragonframe or Slideye 2.0.

Slidelink 3.0 adapter

The Slidelink 3.0 network module can expand your devices' communication capabilities. You can use it to enable an Ethernet connection to your Slidekamera gear. That opens a lot of new possibilities for managing your devices.


Using an Ethernet connection, you can use one Kairos panel to quickly switch between multiple devices, controlled by separate Slidelinks. That enables you to build large studio setups with no compromise.
With the Slidelink 3.0 module, you can use SLIDEKAMERA's software, the Slideye 2.0, or third-party solutions like Dragonframe.

Slidelink 3.0 connected to a network router


With the DRAGONFRAME functionality enabled, SLIDELINK 3.0 can be connected to your computer via USB and become a bridge between DRAGONFRAME software and the SLIDEKAMERA motion control setup.

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The Slidelink 3.0 can work wirelessly via Wi-Fi. You can use your local network, or connect the control panel or a computer to the hotspot, created by Slidelink.

Slidelink 3.0 with a Wi-Fi antenna


The Slidelink allows to use a PTZ camera instead of full-size remote head. You can use your existing camera setup and expand it with unique motion by Slidekamera slider. KAIROS panel or Slideye 2.0 app will control both PTZ camera and your slider.


You can easily upgrade the firmware of the SLIDELINK PRO with the SLIDEKAMERA FIRMWARE UPDATER. Frequent software updates provide stability fixes, expand functionality and add new features.

Optional LEMO/RJ-45 conversion cable

Do you use our previous connection system, which utilises RJ-45 cables for data transmission? That's not a problem. You can use a simple converter cable to use the new Slidelink 3.0 with the previous generation of devices. When connected to a compatible device, this cable will deliver data and power for your new network module, like for any other controller you've used before.


  • Slidelink 3.0 communication module
  • Wi-Fi antenna