SLIDEYE 2.0 beta

  • Code: SE2

Software for controlling the SLIDEKAMERA devices over Ethernet.

Coming soon.


Based on the clients' requests, we designed an application for all filmmakers and camera operators. For both, film and television content creators.
Using the Ethernet connection, you can work with the Slideye 2.0 in all circumstances: from small product photography to large television studios and movie sets.

The Slideye 2.0 app is currently in the beta phase and is being tested worldwide.

Main features of the Slideye 2.0 app
(the list is subject to change)


General features:

  • scalable, customisable interface
  • easy configuring the network system through the software (managing connections, calibrating drives, etc.)
  • support for third-party devices
  • using the Kairos controller (use Kairos as physical input for the Slideye 2.0 app)
  • optimized for touch interfaces
  • works with Windows and macOS

Live mode:

  • real-time motion (virtual joystick, gamepad)
  • independent speed and acceleration control on all axes
  • switching between multiple hardware sets (groups)
  • preview from the camera (requires a video capture card)


Playback mode:

  • keyframes - recalling stored positions
  • moves - motion paths based on multiple keyframes
  • curves editor
  • keyframes and moves libraries (with thumbnails generated from the video feed)
  • quick access to stored keyframes and moves
  • easy update of existing positions and motion paths


Additional features - not present in the current version, will be delivered as software updates:

  • linking between axes (parallax, etc.)
  • mapping drive units to non-linear real-world data (e.g. setting up the lens drives to work with actual focus distance, etc.)
  • import/export moves to industry-standard 3D and compositing software
  • 3D view, animating camera in a 3D environment