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Manual Tracking System


SMART EYE - Manual Tracking Systemallows for automatic continuous tracking of the object by the camera/photocamera during the movement of the cart.

The object that is being filmed remains all the time in the centre of the frame.


Compact Design


  • perfect solution not only for panoramic images but also for traditional left-right movement photos,
  • designed to be small in size, SMART EYE can be mounted to the slider during transport, there is no need to remove it before placing the slider into a cover,
  • easy to mount and dismount to/from the slider,
  • wide range of angular movement adjustment,
  • works with Slidekamera drives.


How it's working?

  • place the object at a distance from the slider, preferably half the length of the slider, not less than 0,7m,
  • position the cart in the middle of the slider and direct the lens to the object,
  • move the cart to the side of the slider and loosen the clamps holding the aluminium guide rail. Once the object is in the middle of the frame, lock the hinge clamp that sets the angular position of the aluminium rail,
  • next, move the cart to the other side of the slider and proceed exactly in the same way as described above,
  • when the calibration is properly performed, the filmed object remains all the time in the centre of the frame.






  • two aluminium brackets mounted on slider sides using hinge clamps,
  • rotational head mounted on the slider cart, equipped with special steel fixing rollers. Video head is attached to the rotational head,
  • angularly adjustable rail that slides between steel fixing rollers of the rotational head.



english Slidekamera manual SMART EYE / X-CURVE system for TRAVIGO SLIDER
Polish language System Slidekamera SMART EYE / X-CURVE do TRAVIGO SLIDER
russian SlideKamera SMART EYE / X-CURVE для TRAVIGO SLIDER