SLIDEKAMERA drives in Dragonframe: CONNECTIONS

1. Connect your SLIDEKAMERA devices to the SLIDELINK PRO adapter. Power up all devices. Connect the adapter to the PC via USB cable.

2. In Dragonframe go to Scene Settings. In the Connections tab, pick DMC-16 from the dropdown menu.

3. From the Location dropdown menu select USB Serial Port (the name and COM port number may be different on your configuration).

4. Click the CONNECT icon.

5. The software will connect to the SLIDELINK PRO adapter and detect all your devices.

6. After a successful connection, click the OK button to close the Scene Settings window.

7. Now you can add new axes in the Arc Motion Control Workspace.
For details refer to the Dragonframe's User Guide.

Use our PRESETS [↓] to quickly and properly configure axis parameters.