Mark Roberts Motion Control, the industry leader in motorized camera motion for cinema and broadcast, has recently acquired SLIDEKAMERA.
What does this bring to SLIDEKAMERA customers?

Benefits only: better accessibility of SLIDEKAMERA products through MRMC distribution channels, integration with high-end automated solutions, or upgrades for existing products with MRMC technology.

Drawbacks? None. We're still the same company, and we're still making excellent camera motion devices under the SLIDEKAMERA brand. Together with the MRMC team, we're determined to bring you the best tools for filmmaking and broadcast to bring your creativity to the next level.

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Cooperation with MRMC combines not only the companies and teams behind the products but also the systems and workflows. We started with merging network protocols. Thanks to the firmware upgrade for the Slidelink v3.0 communication module, you can control Slidekamera devices with MRMC software and controllers.

That allows you to use applications like Polimotion Chat with its optical tracking features or control Slidekamera devices with MRMC Broadcast Panel.

Possibilities and endless, and we're just warming up! Stay tuned to see what new features we deliver to ease your everyday production workflow. Follow us on social media channels to get the latest news from MRMC and SLIDEKAMERA!