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2-axis Remote Head (PAN, TILT) dedicated to the heavy cranes/jibs

Remote controlled head X HEAD MK III is a device designed to achieve precise rotation of the camera in X-axis and Y-axis.

X HEAD is dedicated to camera cranes/jibs such as ROAD JIB PRO.

The gearbox of the panorama axis in the newest generation of the X-HEAD remote head has been completely redesigned. Reinforced housing provides even smoother and more fluid motion.

OPTIONAL AION 2D Controller:

  • intuitive control of the two axes X and Y with joystick,
  • speed of rotation proportional to joystick swing,
  • two methods of joystick work - LINEAR and LOGARITHMIC,
  • INVERT - change the direction of rotation for each axis separately,
  • knobs SPEED and DAMPING,
  • calibration of each axis,
  • 3 memory banks to store and playback motion trajectory,
  • playback the saved trajectory in LOOP,
  • playback the recorded motion from the saved starting point.
The connection of the AION 2D controller with a steering and powered cable: 5 meters. Electric connectors sockets and the power switch are located on the top wall of the controller housing. The 1/4” socket in the base of the controller enables it to be mounted to the cart with a 8” or 11” VARIO ARM - Classic.


Thanks to the use of worm gears and steering that maintains steady speed regardless of the load, the head does not require precise balancing.

X HEAD is dedicated cameras and DSLR of a total weight up to 6kg. Compact and cased construction ensures long and problem-free operating.

Maximum dimensions of the camera to achieve full 360o vertical rotation are: length 440mm, width 250mm.

Mounting bracket moves up and down, allowing to the set the accessories in the rotation axis of the head. Four adjustable clamping levers facilitate rigid mounting of the mounting bracket.

Mounting slot allows to move the accessories forward and backward. Accessories are mounted on the mounting bracket with the use of 1/4" or 3/8" screws.

To improve the stability of heavier cameras and to increase the balance range, you can use quick release system Adapter AKC-3 with a long sliding plate AK-101 LONG.

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X HEAD base is equipped with holes that allow to lead steering cables through X and Y rotation axis, thus allowing to achieve full rotation in both axes.

3/8" hole in the head base allows to mount it on other devices equipped with 3/8" screw, such as camera cranes, tripods. Four ⌀4.2mm holes (Manfrotto spacing) allow to mount X HEAD head directly on 75mm or 100mm half ball equipped with four M4 holes.





Creation is easier than before! Users who prefer mobile and wireless solutions can controlling X HEAD using Android tablet.

To do this, you will need to purchase our SLIDELINK™ Wi-Fi Adapter and download the Slideye™PRO to your Android tablet.

The free Slideye™PRO app will give you more comfortable, powerful and precise controlling Slidekamera™ devices than ever.


Key features of Slideye™PRO:

▸ Live Control with Precise Parallax
▸ Multi-axis Keyframes Editor
▸ Multi-axis Curves Editor
▸ Advanced Timelapse

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  • X HEAD remote controlled head
  • AC adapter with 3 meters extension cable
  • 1/4" camera head screw
  • 3/8" camera head screw
  • transport case with hard foam insert


Application: Device designed to achieve precise rotation of the camera or photo camera in X-axis and Y-axis.
Weight: 4 kg
Head dimensions: height 420mm, width 288mm, depth 110mm
Head load capacity: 6 kg
Maximum size of the camera / DSLR: height 440mm, width 250mm
Range of head rotation angles: in the X-axis and Y-axis N x 360o
Maximum rotation speed: 72o/s (360o/5s)
Maximum acceleration: 360o/s2
Supply voltage: 10..17VDC max.40W
Battery working time: 12V 7Ah min. 3h
Operating temperature range: -20.+40oC
Recommended relative humidity: up to 90%


english X HEAD Remote Controlled Head
english AION 2D Controller
Polish language Głowica sterowana Slidekamera X HEAD
Polish language AION 2D Sterownik
Polish language SLIDELINK™ ADAPTER Wi-Fi
Polish language Моторизированная панорамная голова Slidekamera X HEAD
russian AION 2D Панель управления