AF-47 Cinema Riser

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Wherever you need to rise your camera, the AF-47  Cinema Riser is the right tool for you. With a payload of 20 kg  and a wide variety of mounts, the AF-47 is the most versatile riser.

AF-47 on the Atlas Modular Slier

Different sizes allow you to fit the riser to your needs.
Pick the right height for your rig.

AF-47 sizes


The AF-47 comes in four configurations. You can add accessories or mix elements from different setups to get your desired combination.

AF-47 with the flat plate mount
AF-47 with the flat plate mount

Flat plate


The basic configuration. Use it when you need a flat plate with 3/8" thread, or you need a base for additional accessories.

AF-47 with the Euro mount
AF-47 with the Euro mount - assembly

Euro mount


Flat plates extended with the most common mounts in the grip industry. Male and female Euro mount for rigging your gear on compatible pedestals, dollies or tripods.
You can detach the Euro adapters using hex screws and use the AF-47 with flat plates.

AF-47 with the Mitchell mount
AF-47 with the Mitchell mount - assembly

Mitchell mount


Another widely used connector on the cine market. The top female Mitchell mount allows you to use any fluid or remote head, and the Mitchell thread attached to the flat bottom base completes the coherent system.

AF-47 with the HCZ-150 Bowl adapter
AF-47 with the HCZ-150 Bowl adapter - assembly

Bowl adapter


The top plate with the opening allows mounting bowls, such as this 150mm adapter (HCZ-150).
You can detach the 150mm bowl and replace it with the smaller versions, such as HCZ-75/100 or HCZ-75 (sold separately).


If the AF-47 is too big, is the AF-15 more suitable?
The undersized brother has many similar features, such as using different bowl adapters or the Euro mount connector.

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